It’s about that time again!

Don’t miss a single day of the best craft beer week in North Carolina, the 11th Annual Charlotte Craft Beer Week! During May 8th – May 17th, you’ll have access to over several events all around the Queen City.
CCBW was founded with the intention of sharing the craft beer message. With the help of craft beer industry groups and businesses (which abound in Charlotte), it offers North Carolina some of the best hop and barley themed events in the state.

CCBW also aims to educate new and seasoned participants on the craft beer scene so there will be plenty of opportunities to sharpen and expand your beer knowledge. Each event is selected and crafted purposefully to incorporate the many facets of craft beer culture.

During the 2019 CCBW, you’ll find a diversity of events that let participants sample the many styles of craft beer, enjoy delicious beer and food pairings, learn about craft beer in Charlotte and beyond, and just have a good time.


To show beer lovers throughout the world that Charlotte, NC is a player in the craft beer industry. With huge growth over the last 10 years, the breweries are seeing the results… are YOU?


The 11th Annual Charlotte Craft Beer Week is coming May 8th – May 17th, with tastings of rare and exotic brews, showcases featuring local and regional breweries, food and beer pairing events, brewery tours and appearances by some major names in the brewing industry. Enjoy craft domestic and gourmet imported beers at fun events across the region. Visit our events page for a complete listing of the weeks events. Come out and celebrate the Queen City’s beer renaissance.