As an event host of CCBW, there are a few items you will be responsible for. These are simple items that are REQUIRED to host an event. They are as follows:

    1. Fill out “Event Registration” form
    2. Email logos and website info to:
    3. SELF PROMOTE!!! Signs/posters in your place
    4. Place ads with local media: radio, news paper
    5. Place event info on your website
    6. E-Blast your customer email list (multiple X’s!!!)
    7. Place event on Facebook & Twitter pages
    8. BRAG – You earned it! Only a few were chosen for events
    9. Have staff tell customers about event

    By accepting the invitation of an event host for Charlotte Craft Beer Week 2019, in Charlotte, NC, you are in agreement that you have the necessary licenses and permits to host such event stated, that you have proper liability and other necessary insurances in place to operate legally as governed by the State of NC and you also release the organizers of this event of any liability from this event held at your establishment, such as but not limited to, injuries resulting during and after your event. You understand this entire beer week is a group effort from a group of craft beer lovers, to promote the love and enjoyment of craft beer in Charlotte NC. Also, to show the entire country that Charlotte is now on the radar of beer lovers from all over the world. We are doing this event to increase the awareness of craft beer and show Charlotteans & visitors to Charlotte NC, where to enjoy this great social lubricant!