Wednesday, April 3rd

Carolina Beer Temple Charlotte
2127 Ayrsley Town Blvd. Suite 101 B
5:00pm - 8:00pm

You’ve enjoyed our monthly Battle of the Brews event, but this is another beast entirely. This is bigger, badder, and with way higher stakes. This is… THE BATTLE FOR CHARLOTTE.

WHAT: Representatives of nearly every brewery in Charlotte are coming out to sell as much of one of their beers as possible in just five hours. The first to kick their keg or to sell the most when the time is up, wins

WHEN: 5-10PM

WHY: To celebrate Charlotte Craft Beer Week in style

THE STAKES: The winner receives a trophy, the title of GRAND CHAMPION BREWERY OF CHARLOTTE, and a guaranteed tap for an ENTIRE YEAR

HOW: Vote with your dollars and your drinks, as these reps vie for your attention. They will be pulling out every stop to get you to buy their beer, and that means good things for you!

WHAT ELSE: We will also be hosting THE DUMPLING LADY for the event, as well as additional prizes, including a bottle from our private reserve!