Party Pedaler Goes Abita for Beer Week

Monday, March 18th

Abita is teaming up with the Party Pedaler of Charlotte to run Pedaler tours featuring Abita beer stops.  The partnership will run all week starting Monday 3/18 – Sun 3/24.  There will be an Uptown route and a Southend route.

The Uptown route will feature these bars and these beers :

Hartigans – Purple Haze

Cedar St Tavern – Strawberry

Dillengers – Turbo

Dandelion Market – amber

Prohibition – Restoration

The Southend Route will feature :

Tavern on Tracks – Restoration

Gin Mill – Abita Light

All American – Amber

WOB – Turbo

Common Market South – Jockamo


We will do a kickoff party at Parking Lot of Tavern on Tracks on Thursday 21st from 4-7.  With free Abita beer tasting, discounts to sign up for bike tours for the week and raffle off a free Party Pedler Tour for a group.  Raffle will be help that night at WOB about 7:00pm.  The bike will be there for customers to see and gain more info about.  There will also be Cajun fare from the Tavern at the kickoff party.